wsend: the opposite of wget

Step 1: Install

We tried to make sending a file as simple as possible, to install and also to use.

wget -O - | bash
alias wsend="~/.wsend/wsend"
Or if you're trying to remember it
chmod +x wsend
./wsend file.txt
Your first file is sent and wsend has been installed.

Note: This install command appends the alias to your .bashrc or equivalent

Step 1a: Browser Based

For GUI Drag and Drop: To install just drag and drop this link to your bookmarks bar. wsend

we use Dropzone.js

Step 2: Use

Using is very simple as well, just wsend a file and we give you a URL

wsend file.txt
Send the file in an email (if you have the mail command set up)
wsend logfile.log | mail -s "Here was that log file you wanted"
Send an email with the link (for Supporters and above)
wsend --mail file.txt


Bash and curl
You use Linux, Unix, or Mac OSX
You've run into this problem before: