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December 6th, 2020

We've been running wsend for almost 8 years! Since the beginning the goal has been the same, send a file, get a link. After over 32,000 users, that's a lot of links!

Since I'm a personal fan of origin stories. I'd like to share how it all began. I used to have to send files from one system to the other, but the user on the two systems was different, and the second system's user didn't have ssh access. So it was this complicated procedure of sending a file over with scp or rsync and moving it into the correct place.

Since both computers had internet access I was like why don't I send it over the web, all I would need is curl which they both had installed.

Then the idea happened. Maybe I should build this service for other people as well as myself. At the time I looked around and there was no service that exactly fit my needs. I discussed it with my teammate, she seemed enthusiastic but didn't say anything; so I went to meetups and when we were talking about projects we were working on people were excited about it and they encouraged me to finish it and wanted to know when it was going to be ready.

A few months after launch I came up with some ideas where wsend was this open backend and projects could be built on top of it. One of them was Encrypted end to end file transfer

So that was how it started, what has happened in the intervening time?
We're still running, I personally have used wsend almost every day. We've gone through a lot of scratching posts and cat food. We've had a few satisfied customers and surprisingly a ton of positive responses from the internet, so we're going to keep sending these links.

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P.S. Welcome Product Hunters! I've used the comment description that I posted on Product Hunt as the first blog post of this site. Welcome and I hope you find this tool useful.